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What We Do

Welcome to Hill Country Community Ministries – a place dedicated to supporting individuals and families facing tough times and financial challenges. Our goal is simple: to restore dignity and empower self-sufficiency. We're here for those impacted by job loss, poverty, aging, disability, chronic illness, or family emergencies. Some experience short-term setbacks, while others face ongoing struggles. Many are hardworking individuals, the underemployed, giving their all but unable to make ends meet. They juggle essential expenses like food, rent, utilities, transportation, clothing, and healthcare. Every year, we stand by families, providing the help they need during difficult times.

  • ~ HCCM Client
    ~ HCCM Client

    "My husband had heart surgery and couldn't work. I almost had no food in the house, it was scary. Since coming to HCCM, I don't have to worry about whether or not my family will go to sleep hungry. I now have peace of mind".

Our Impact This Year

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    Families Served YTD


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