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Where does all the food come from?

Where does HCCM's food come from?

2023, was a record year for HCCM. We served more than 45,000 families and distributed more than 1.3 million pounds of food. We are humbled to be able to deliver food and hope for so many. Praise God for His goodness and for enabling us to be the hands He uses to feed people. Amen?

As a ministry primarily devoted to food distribution, we frequently get asked where the food comes from. Three main sources are helping us feed so many people: The Central Texas Food Bank, local stores like HEB, Target, Whole Foods, Natural Grocers, and Randal’s, and donations from generous and caring individuals and organizations.

How does it work?

Each week we place two orders with the Central Texas Food Bank (CTFB). The variety and quantity of food available to order changes frequently. Sometimes there are an abundance of options available and sometimes there are fewer. One order is delivered by semi-truck, and we pick up the other order from the CTFB facility with our 16-foot refrigerated truck. When the food arrives at the HCCM facility, volunteers unload and sort it to its planned use.

Each day, volunteers drive their personal vehicles to area stores to pick up produce, bakery, deli, dairy, and meat donations. H-E-B, Randall’s, Sprouts, Natural Grocers, and Whole Foods donate 1000’s of pounds of food every week. Also, some local restaurants donate food that was either not sold or ordered and the customer didn’t pick it up. The store and restaurant donations are distributed in the pantry, community cupboard, and at even the Fresh Food for All distributions.

Also, many caring individuals and organizations make donations of all sizes and types to HCCM. It is not uncommon for a smiling person to show up with a bag of groceries and five minutes later a church or apartment complex shows up that has been doing a food drive. Donations really fill in the gaps and enable HCCM to distribute more food, hygiene items, cleaning supplies, paper goods, pet food, adult diapers, and other items not available from the CTFB. Donations are a blessing that multiply the resources available to help those in need.

We are very honored to have such wonderful partners helping us positively impact our community. We cannot say thank you enough times to express our gratitude to all our food partners and volunteers. However, there is always a significant need for new compassionate partners. Many people are extremely generous during the winter holidays, but donations tend to slow down in the months following. Hunger is not limited to November and December.

Many people feel that there are growing challenges in the economy. More people are struggling to make ends meet and inflation is leaving less money available for basic human needs like food and hygiene items. In 2023, we saw more than a 40% demand increase across our ministries and, at times, significantly less food available from the CTFB. It is times like these where donations become an invaluable lifeline to sustaining and providing for our neighbors in need. 2024 has just begun and we are already seeing large numbers of families requesting food services.

How Can You Help?

We accept food, cleaning supplies, and hygiene donations at 1005 Lacy Dr in Leander. We also have a thrift store for household goods, clothes, and furniture at 1501 Leander Drive, Bldg C, unit 3. The proceeds from thrift store sales support the food ministries. Also, we always need volunteers at both the pantry and the thrift store.

Many churches, apartment complexes, homeowner associations, local businesses, associations of every kind, and people who like helping others will often organize food drives. Some like to do drives quarterly. Whether you can give 1 item or 10,000, it all helps and is greatly appreciated. However, the thing we know will really help are your prayers. Please join us as a volunteer, a donor, and a prayer partner. Together we can bring help for people and hope for the future.

Be blessed, my friends.