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Gardening in the Texas heat!

Gardening in the Texas summer heat doesn't mean you have to put your vegetable patch on hold. July is an excellent time to plant heat-loving crops like okra, southern peas, sweet potatoes, and peppers. You can also start seeds indoors for fall crops such as broccoli and cabbage. To ensure your plants thrive in the intense heat, water deeply and consistently in the early morning, aiming for 1-2 inches per week. Apply a thick layer of organic mulch to retain moisture and cool the soil. Provide afternoon shade when possible, especially for newly transplanted seedlings. Boost soil health with compost, but avoid fertilizing during extreme heat spells. Keep an eye out for pests, as stressed plants are more vulnerable, and use organic control methods when necessary. Remember to harvest your vegetables frequently to encourage continued production. By following these tips, you can maintain a productive garden even in the scorching Texas summer, ensuring a bountiful harvest in the months to come.