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Meet Moranda Haines

We are pleased to welcome Moranda Haines as the newest member of our team at HCCM. Moranda will be joining us as a part-time office assistant, providing valuable support to keep our office running smoothly.

We asked Moranda to share a little bit about herself and here's what she had to say. 

I live in Leander with my husband of 13 years with our two boys 15 & 20. Our lives revolve around family and family time is very important to us. We also love sports and adventures. I love to indulge in reality TV when I get time to myself. We are an Aggie family however our 20-year-old decided to give Dad a hard time and attend UT - you can imagine how fun that is! On any given day you can catch us at the pool, on a hike, or hanging with family and friends.

We also asked Moranda some questions to get to know her a little bit better:

  1. What is something that recently made you smile?   My little sister has 3 little ones. An 18-month-old and twins that just turned 5 months. Twin Girl had complications with her heart and has been at Dell Children’s Hospital since the moment she was born but was able to finally come home last week!


  2. What’s your favorite TV show?    I would say The Challenge on MTV or Big Brother.


  3. What fashion trend do you regret?     Anytime I have cut bangs! I always regret it!


  4. If you could go back to any moment in time, when would it be?      The day my son was born in 2009. Best day of my life!


  5. Would you like to be able to see into the future?      No! That would ruin all the wonderful surprises life has to offer.