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As we pray...Dig Deep!

For so many that I know, 2024 has not started out very well.   Several families have lost loved ones.   Several individuals have lost jobs and ended relationships.   Several people are facing health issues and diagnoses that seem so scary!    With so much pain, uncertainty, and fear, How do you pray?   How can you trust and have faith that everything will be OK?

National Day of Prayer was last week.   Hill Country Community Ministries has been the community partner for the Leander NDP for many years.   We had the privilege to attend so many events where we heard over and over and over again how prayer changed people’s lives.   It wasn’t just about our personal prayers, we heard about prayer warriors and the feeling of being comforted, led, inspired, and safe.  We heard stories about HIS signs and listened to HIS messengers.  

We all get so lost at times.   Fear.  Insecurity.  Pain.  The Unknown will plague some of us to not TRUST that we are protected and loved.  I will tell you this, if you ever doubt God’s hands of protection, please come visit us here at the pantry.   I will personally share stories of miracle after miracle, and having to learn to TRUST that HIS plan, HIS way, is way bigger than anything we can ever dream of. 

We are so grateful that we live in a city, in a state that allows us to still pray.  How powerful is this?  To know that for just one day, our entire nation, all of the people in the entire nation, is praying.   Hill Country Community Ministries is honored to participate in the Leander National Day of Prayer each year.    And I will leave you with this, dig deep, pray, have faith, and TRUST!!!