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What is Fresh Food For All?

HCCM's Fresh Food For All Truck

Although the Fresh Food For All (FFFA) food distributions started in 2016, many people are still yet to learn about them. FFFA is a mobile food distribution focusing on produce and fresh food options completely free to all members of the community. Usually, depending on the season and food availability, FFFA delivers about 15-20 fresh food options for each household. FFFA happens ten times every month throughout Williamson and Northwest Travis counties.

How does it work?
HCCM partners with local churches, organizations, and community colleges. HCCM supplies the food and the partners supply the location and the volunteers. Food is usually set out on tables, farmer’s market style, and patrons will go through the line making selections. When the patron reaches the “check-out,” there are a few questions, and the volunteer weighs the food. All the questions and weights are recorded. Most of the time the patron leaves with more than
20 pounds of food at no charge.

Some people show up looking a little battle worn from the stresses of their lives. However, after people realize how much food they receive, something amazing happens. Most scowls turn to smiles and thank you before they leave. It’s almost as if you can see the hope enter in.

What is the goal?
First, FFFA is an HCCM ministry created to further our calling chartered in our mission and vision statements. Discover our statements Here. At Hill Country Community Ministries, we exist to change lives in our community by eliminating hunger and creating pathways to self-reliance through community partnerships. FFFA is one of the most visible HCCM community partnerships and feeds more than 900 families every month across the ten distributions.

Of course, we want to break the grip of hunger, food insecurity, and poverty. However, we want to put more than just calories into the community. We want to inject life and hope. We want to improve everyone’s quality of life and be a blessing to all. The way we can be a blessing is by making fresh foods available to all, not just the economically disadvantaged, removing any stigma, shame, or negative emotion someone may feel attending a free food distribution. We
want to affirm everyone’s dignity.

Why Fresh Food?
Did you know that 4 of the top 5 leading causes of death in the U.S. are preventable through diet and lifestyle? It sounds hard to believe, but it’s true. Have you heard the axiom “you are what you eat?” In a very real and wise way, the axiom describes choice and consequence. The food you eat today becomes the physical body you live in tomorrow.

Most mechanics would never put sugar in a gas tank, but many people put sugar into their proverbial body’s tank and can’t figure out why it doesn’t run quite right. Quick question, what kind of gas would you put into a Maserati? Would you go for the cheap stuff or the premium one that is going to make your Maserati perform at its best? Premium, right? Your body and health are worth more than a Maserati. It wants the absolute best fuels.

The phytonutrients found in fresh fruits and vegetables have been shown to be superheroes of health. Did you know eating fresh fruits and vegetables can reduce inflammation, blood pressure, risks of most cancers, and even lower blood sugar levels? Also, did you know that a diet high in fresh fruits and vegetables can improve your immune system, eyesight, and even brain function? These are just a few of the numerous and scientifically-proven benefits clean
eating can bring.

How do I find a FFFA?
Good question. There are ten distributions at ten different sites each month. The calendar and details for the distributions can be found Here. Check the site for any changes, cancellations, or notes about a distribution.

Until next time, be blessed, my friends.