Food Pantry Shopping List

Shopping List is updated monthly.

All items are needed - but critical items for the month are marked. (*)

Canned Items Dry Items
Stew* Dried beans (1 or 2 lb. pkgs. only)*
Tuna Spaghetti/Pasta (1 or 2 lb. pkgs. only)
Chicken* Rice (1 or 2 lb. pkgs. only)
Chili* Cold cereal*
Soup Hot cereal
Tomatoes* Personal Care Items
Tomato sauce Bar soap*
Spaghetti Sauce* Dish soap*
Corn Laundry detergent*
Peas* Toilet tissue *
Mixed vegetables* Toothpaste*
Fruit cocktail*  
Apple sauce*  
Peanut Butter  
Orange Juice  
Apple Juice*  
Items we do not accept:
   Items from home freezers
   Homemade or home-canned food items
*Items most needed at this time
To download a printable list of these items, click here.
Updated for August 2017